CCM – Circular Carbon Management

Let's walk the talk
and effectively drive carbon reduction

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CCM – Circular Carbon Management


Based on our core activities, we aim to effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

The future of global logistics and supply chains should not only be based on carbon neutrality but must rather embrace a carbon zero approach.

Our team's expertise and past employment lies in the fields of conventional fossil fuel trade, supply chain optimization, business development, commercial ship management and green strategy.

We work diligently to accelerate the future of tomorrow’s energy mix.

We are aware of the remaining value of hydrocarbon based liquid fuels but are very confident in our ability to offer sustainable fuel alternatives that will significantly reduce GHG emissions right away.

At CCM we believe in and are committed to the development of more sustainable sources and solutions.


Consultancy - Aligning expectations

Utilizing our extensive in-depth knowledge of the sustainability industry, we develop GHG emission reduction strategies TOGETHER with our clients to meet their specific pre-determined goals in reducing their individual carbon footprint. At the same time adding further value to their supply and value chain.


Introducing sustainable waste streams into existing fuel streams whereby being in accordance with prevailing ISO specifications is beneficial to all stakeholders as it does reduce the individual carbon footprint along the supply chain.


Education, growing awareness, institutional pressure, carbon pricing (ETS), carbon levies (EU emission quota) in combination with individual fuel prices command optimization in respect of achieving GHG emission reductions.

 Global player

Emission reductions are a global task, our clients and suppliers are global players and related fuel supplies do take place on a worldwide scale. With trusted partners we are able to offer tailor made solutions on a global scale.

Sales and delivery - ISCC certified liquid biofuels

Together with our partners we are able to offer ISCC certified (liquid) biofuels and arrange the actual physical supply of the bespoke fuels.

We pride ourselves with the ability to blend fuels according to our clients GHG-reduction requirement for various industrial segments such as shipping (bunkers), transport logistics and heavy industry.

We supply paraffinic diesels being able to function as 1:1 drop in fuel, as well as FAME.

The afore mentioned can alternatively be blended with fuels of different qualities ranging from HFO, VLSFO, DMA to Road Diesel. GHG-emission reductions of up to 85% can be achieved.

All our fuel blends are within prevailing specifications (ISO, ASTM, EN).

Depending on your individual fuel requirements we can work these either directly or via well-established broking and trading entities.

Project management - Supply stream identification

To further ensure the potential integration of GHG-emission-reducing-fuels along the entire supply chain, we continuously work to identify and develop new supply streams of sustainable waste materials in accordance with ISCC/RED II regulations. We aim to integrate these sustainable streams into the existing fuel supply chain.

In doing so, we manage to generate further CO2 emission reductions. We support and validate the concept of a circular economy.

Furthermore, we create value for all stakeholders involved, being exposed to ESG strategies determining GHG reductions along their individual value chain.

Insets - Effectively reducing GHG emission

Whether cargo owner, shipowner, or logistic company, we can offer you the opportunity to achieve integrated carbon reductions (Insets) within your own supply and value chain. You have the possibility to directly impact on your individual carbon emission reduction and consequently on a global level, as your individual shipments are creating less GHG emissions.

With the simple process of "book & claim" it is within your choice as to what level of GHG reduction you opt for as per individual transport.

100% of CO2 reduction - directly relating to your transport - is possible.

In other words: These CO2 reductions can only happen with your active support.

Respective certificates are tamperproof as we issue them via blockchain using NFT’s (non-fungible tokens), reflecting all relevant data covering your individual shipment.